Meet the folks of Wonderland Running!

Sean Harrasser

Race Director & Executive Hill Idea Conspirator

A race director sits at a flooded picnic table in the High Sierra

I am a trail runner, ultramarathoner, and wildscape wanderer currently living in Portland, OR. I grew up backpacking, fishing, running, and climbing among the wildscapes of Northern California. At some point, I accidentally stumbled upon the world of trail running. I have completed over 80 ultramarathons from 50Ks to 100 Milers.

I guess I have a decent collection of DNFs as well. Mostly, I love running in beautiful places! I have spent nearly thirty years exploring the meaning of wilderness and the edges of my own capabilities through adventure running and fastpacking… from the sweeping granitic expanses of the Sierra Nevada to the lush, living cathedrals of the Cascades; from the rain-soaked, windswept shorelines of the Olympic Peninsula to the silent, sweeping desertscapes of Death Valley.

I am also a parent, a writer of words, a writer of songs, and a plant ponderer. I have a day job as a floodplain manager. Most recently, I started Wonderland Running! The name was inspired by my 38-hour solo, unsupported run of the much-beloved, uncommonly beautiful Wonderland Trail that circumnavigates Tahoma (Mount Rainier).

After years of putting on DIY, off-the-radar group runs, I am so excited to finally have actual races to share with the trail running community. I hope you enjoy this site, but even more so, I hope you enjoy these races!

Tam Tran

Race Timing/Registration Manager & Master Hill Technologist

Picture of Tam Tran on a grassy hill

Greetings. My name is Tam. I was born and grew up in Vietnam, and I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1994. By my own estimation I am an average Joe, who happens to be both a cyclist wannabe and a mediocre runner at best. Others claim I am more than a wannabe cyclist and a mediocre runner. I shall leave those deliberation for other hill enthusiasts. I hold a day job in my free time. I can be found out on the trails, forests, and hills of the Pacific Northwest, often perplexed at how I ended up there.

Thankfully though I have learned to utilize GPS and timing equipment to help myself and others indulge in their activities because Strava. Speaking of race timing wizardry, I have an exciting, shiny new project that is called First Time LLC. Through First Time LLC I provide my race timing, photography, and communication services to race companies and community trail events. Please reach out to me at for more information and how I can help at your next event!

Nina Barnhart

Business Manager & Director of Hill Operations

Nina Barnhart sitting on a mountaintop above the clouds

Hi there! My name is Nina, or sometimes “Nina Muffin.” I spent my formative years in South Lake Tahoe, where I spent my summers hiking in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and swimming in the lake. I even learned to ski as part of my PE program! After joining the army, graduating from West Point, and living everywhere from Georgia to Germany to New York, I have finally settled into Portland with my two cats and my fiancé (aka, the Wonderland RD!)

I have been running for the past 22 years, originally to get into shape but then fast fell in love with it for what it brings to my life and my spirit. Once I found trails I was hooked…. even if I did get lost on my first trail run and scare my poor mother. It was almost like a precursor of things to come! In addition to running, I also like to ski, and have been known to sing karaoke a time or two. Oh, and I can’t forget watching movies with my cats because cats love movies.

I ran my first ultra in 2013 - it wasn’t a proper 50K and I didn’t know I was doing it until the previous weekend. I decided I wanted to do another (planned) 50K and finished my first 50K in July of 2021. Fast forward a year and a half and I’ve run multiple 50Ks, a 54 miler put on by my coach (where I met said fiancé) and a 100K. Now I am training for Tahoe Rim as my first 100 Miler! Aside from just racing, the feeling of knowing that my body can carry me deep into the wild is what keeps me going.

Mike Murawski

Social Media/Design Coordinator & Marketing Manager of Hill Ideas

Portrait of Mike Murawski in front of Mount Hood

Greetings. My name is Mike Murawski, and I am a consultant, illustrator, educator, and avid trail runner. I live with my family in Portland, Oregon. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, I definitely feel most at home running among the mountains and hills of the Pacific Northwest. I have been running trail ultramarathons since 2017, including the Dark Divide 50K, Tillamook Burn 50K, and the Gorge Waterfalls 100K.

In 2016, I co-founded Super Nature Adventures LLC a place-based education and creative design business that partners with parks, government agencies, schools, and non-profits to expand learning in the outdoors and public spaces. When I’m not running hill repeats, I am ... oh wait, I am almost always running hill repeats.

Be present; be grateful; live freely; love fully; take nothing for granted.

Sean Harrasser (Wonderland Running)