Hi fellow trail running creatures!

I am a trail runner, ultramarathoner, and wildscape wanderer living in Portland, OR. I have completed over 70 ultramarathons from 50Ks to 100 Milers. I guess I have a decent collection of DNFs as well. Mostly, I love running in beautiful places!

I have spent nearly thirty years exploring the meaning of wilderness and the edges of my own capabilities through adventure running and fastpacking… from the sweeping granitic expanses of the Range of Light to the lush, living cathedrals of the Cascades; from the rain-soaked, windswept shorelines of the Olympic Peninsula to the silent, sweeping desertscapes of Death Valley.

I am also a parent, a writer of words and songs, a plant ponderer, and ostensibly I have a day job as a floodplain manager. Most recently, I started Wonderland Running! The name was inspired by my 38-hour solo, unsupported run of the much-beloved, uncommonly beautiful Wonderland Trail that circumnavigates Tahoma (Mount Rainier).

After years of putting on DIY, off-the-radar group runs, I am so excited to finally have actual races to share with the trail running community. I hope you enjoy this site, but even more so, I hope you enjoy these races!

Be present; be grateful; live freely; love fully; take nothing for granted.

Sean Harrasser (Wonderland Running)